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lil tulpa

In Tibetan mysticism, a tulpa is a sentient manifestation of one's will, created through meditative visualization.  Chaos magicians may define this as a servitor.  lil tulpa's are imaginary companions here to assist you in achieving your creative pursuits!  Desinged in a superflat style, each piece is a unique, multimedia creation.  

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HXNNXBLE strives to create art that thrives within an urban environment.  Using primarily up-cycled materials, they seek to turn abandoned items into canvases of art.

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lil alien bae

The concept originated while living in Hong Kong, home to 7.5 million people inhabiting 427 square miles.  Working in this environment for six years (2016-2021) served as inspiration; a reflection on the ways individuals relate to one another.

lil alien bae represents our child-like sense of wonder and imagination.  It has no gender or race, it simply seeks to balance the forces of dark and light; beauty resides in unity.   May lil bae serve as a reminder to glow through these dark times, for we are all "human, all too human!"


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dank meme stash


A Reflection on Mental Health, Online Predators, Segregation, Censorship, Freedom and the Direction of our Future.


Bad taxidermy is satire, a call to question the values pop culture and mass media have instilled within society.  HXNNXBLE no longer supports social media platforms until these companies are held accountable for the well-being of their users.