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(han-nuh-bull) are Aetherealist artists  with the objective of inspiring imagination via the syzygy of Art, Spirituality and Technology.   We do not compromise our style in order to appeal to the pop standard!  Instead, we alchemize our individual lives, our learnings from each other, and traverse expeditions to ancient, sacred-sites around the world, as a means to create multimedia art meant to level-up our audience.  


Aetherealism will be to the 2020’s what Surrealism was to the 1920’s!  Briefly, Aetherealism may be defined as a multimedia, existential,  futuristic, transcendental, stoic and surreal form of art which uses any means of learning-- from ancient wisdom to the most modern technology-- to envisage, innovate, and invent  pieces with a very certain purpose: to vivify the patron’s intellect, physicality and general spirits. Aetheralists collaborate to make eclectic art for a utopic future.   


As Einstein is to modern science, a patron saint, so too would Nikola Tesla be a patron saint of Aetherealism. It is from Tesla’s term– “Luminferous Aether”– which Aetherealism garners its name!