"I would believe only in a god that knows how to dance." -Friedrich Nietzsche 

Flammarion Engraving 


The divine... 4x

The divine studied rhymes

Constructed the lines

It alphabet the times

Those geometric signs

Syzygy fuse/ Creation’s muse

Sun Earth Moon/ Ion’s Womb

Salvation comes from revelation

The source is found through mediation

Love is only medication

Dancing created/ Liber-ated

Does the moon gloom at the corner of the galaxy

Swallowing hope like the Gods when they’re mad at me

Relating the sadness/ the madness of reality

Do you think that you are dreaming

Do you feel your mind ascending

Understanding feels like a memory

Locked in my DNA/ Manifesting alchemy

Soaring through the milky way

How does white know the night

How did black see the light

Gold gloam bright in the dark

Science subverted her parts

Magic she gained through art

So just start



Just fucking stop and be free

It’s all just a dream make believe

Let your feet drum for the sea

Dance in a trance to the beat

Don’t give a fuck what people think

You are infinity

Close your eyes and you’ll see 4x

Close your eyes and just dance 4x





Close your eyes and just dance

Close your eyes and just dance

What/ Watch your hands

Close your eyes and just dance

Get the ants out your pants and all your antsiness

Fancy dat/ No Fancy dis

Oh damn man/ fancy dancing

You doing it now/ you emancipated

It’s the proclamation/ that your dance created

Your hands are fading/ Your feets are blurred

The world’s a whirl/ The words are slurred

All heart/ all mind/ all solar plexus

All time all art/ all hold her nexus

Hold it so close/ like uno dos

Espanol I feel you/ Lo siento

Now hear it in your spirit/ fear it till you clear it

Feel a little healing/ You free in this feeling