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{Afore song}

enclose both of Your eyelids...


inside of Your mind, go - -

open and twilit...

Gnosis Yourself, show!

Your Own shining Sol...

this is the glory

of Aurora Aureus!

(Light, Golden)

remembering the shimmer

glimmer-glittering quanta cast

the form of a waurrior

born from hollow, hallowed shapes...

a bestowal...

She would stand

before the black sand of space...

heavy metals are

silver stars of platinum

but worth its weight???

none as good as Gold...

energy squared circles

strangling angles spelled

by visual syllables - - 

umbilical chords of color music

and modal phenomena suspended...


temporarily dissolved betwixt

the fifth and sixth extents

She finds Her lines rolling...

Her flawless-tulip yoni...

she is it, solely!

Only, not lonely...


Her lotus, most atop chakra

and cropped shock of hair tied

by a chop stick!

Her face was solemn...

a face that had faced hatred

and grace, naked...

aboriginal shamans created

Her make-up, made sacred...

speckle-painted constellations

freckled Her celestial bodice...

She came in peace...

Reigning as the

embodiment of honesty

no less then any Goddess is...

Her waist tapered

from bust to butt cheeks

but Her arms and legs relaxed

to the lithest hands and feet...


There's no straightness in Nature!

surrounding Her was sanctified grounded strength...


particles were seething

but stationary, seemingly...

in very first person 

uttering an utter word


beneath Her, birthed

a Mother Earth - -

the visage of which possessed

the grandest, volcanic continent

conjured only from vowels and consonants - - 

its snowy glow

a gloaming façade to fiery fury forever!

that ever yet a world of every warlord ever

hath seen EVER!

its waxen jagged fractals

capped the dormant peak

shivering or trembling

in deeply, ebon sleep...

There!  What nightmares

do mountains keep?

What dreams?

What pains?

She heeded Her brainwave's tides

Freeing Her ideas to the winding wind...

When will my relationship begin?

Cast off...

Blast off

Mask off

Laugh it off

An after thought...

She was sailing alpha, beta,

delta, and theta oscillations

then imagined a major arcana 

to bask in rays of gamma...


She tried 

to try triangulating

the creation

of fourth dimensional 

continuity continually

into the continuum...

Her curves were in alignment 

it seamed for heaven's sake...

Her neck's nape and spine went

directly into Her cape compriesed of

iridescence and shimmering-silken fibers - -

sewn in order the macrocosm be shown

Her Divine Feminine Highness!


Harmony, so...

the flow...

the ebb

of Her multiversal

unicursal web!




entering intergalactic matrices

She was matriculated into the 


She electrified the starkness

Real eye in

the spark of Aether's darkness

with this witness

white starlight

brightly insisted to lick Her...

with a grimace

To dismiss Him

She did dis him

With a kiss

blown through


Do I miss him?



ashamed, black holes

would hoard Her goals in vein...

what intensity could overshadow

Her own knowing glow?


she told herself...

going more, slowly...

Hath the twilight of the idols

only blinded and stifled?


She was not meant for this 

astral game of chess!

ultimatums were insane to Her!

That dark is enemy to light

is not right!

That light defeats dark - -

or versa vice - -

To take the feet of a heathen?

In not, in defeating, the very

Mark of the beast!?

How many of those illumined

have been doomed to the bleak?

How man stories of war

are there to speak of?

How many magnificent myths 

of only schisms exist?

- - thus spake Her chest

and solar plexus...

I hath 

lost mass

and gained density

at last...

holding Her heart of goldenness 

She superseded

defeating angel's flight

and the might 

of ebon demons...

all that glitters is not Her Golden Rule...

above understanding

She would o'er sit...

from Her crown to Her soles

She was protected...





in noble enfoldments

she molded a golden ratio

and the global firmament begot

anoher shield sphere

where ion's fear was not!

The future is here.

She could here neo-futurism clearly...

all Her seven senses - -

including psychic and humor- -

were intuiting

ruminate o'er

an aurum warrior...

She was of the New, thus 

that of old, gold ages must

come full cycle

like Sol y Luna doth...

now introducing the 

galactic revolution...

enclose both of Your eyelids...


inside of Your mind, go - -

open and twilit...


behold kindness...


this is a story of

Aurora Aureus...

{After song}


...Golden Darkness...

Two muses infused within

Blood and milk elixir...

Queen bees honeys:

Flowing from yonis...


She licks Her...

She licks Her...

Holy FUCK...

Sacred profanity...


Something makes sense!!!


Magnets brought too close...

Nexuses ionizing...

negative greens...


sultry violence...

Silence coming...


Suck coming



Numb now...

Laid low...

Astounding crowns!



Golden Darkness...


  Aftersong: Re-remember 

… then She smiles…

sees His very Truth…

sees Her Own Truth!

They have traversed aeons

to exist now

so anachronistic…

She bethinks of lives past…

times of magik and ritual…

shamanesses and sorcery…

naguals and warriors dreams…

back whence Mayans tamed jungles of rain

and Egyptian sands were

lush, Isisian oasises…

back further even

whence Atlantis

and/or Lemuria

merged the world

in a glorious emporium


The Flood–

after surviving the sinking

in a blink

They are on trails, Incan

in synch with lines linking

nodes of stone with

sacred  groves…

They exhale


then prevail

from grand, fertile islands

plush with greenery

like Iceland

to geomantic vortices

tapped by megalithic monoliths…

from electrum to elongated skulls

to crystal pyramidions, piezoelectric

it doesn’t matter

She recalls it all…

She hears hearts drumming beats…

diatonic chimes instrumented by the breeze

breathing breaths of Brahma

Her ears hear as clear

as if the Universe were a song…

sacred chants of Moon & Sun

Earth and Body sung…

rhythm added infinitum…


all these revelatory recollections

across millenia






deep within Her

in fact…

similar to Earth’s quakes

are Her memories…

at the epicenter of Her core…


for surreal…

frequencies humming wavelengths

reverberating to Her a theory:

Love Is Empyrean Ethereality!

and when They do verberate Love

’tis Black Truth!


in a key akin to c #

They resound a chord that unlocks


They stand still as Tesla Towers

and dance kinetic

as discharging static sparks shock!

others whom behold Them

experience Their

equality to mc squared

and absorb the irradiations

through a process of osmosis…



then embody the

special effects

affecting positively charged

parts of particles …

why not the wireless transmission of power!?

now playing

The Law of Vibration‘s

Symphony Harmonic Orchestra

conducted by

Earth and Sky

in between reside

Their humyn forms

vivified as mediums for


blood, bone and breath

blessed to

sing the body


They played with four elements

until reconciling the quintessence

Their guru was Akasha

Prana was Akasha’s gift

to Them…


She learns Him

new myths…


ancient and oneironautic

from vitrification to amazing lasers…

from telepathy to teleportation

He televisions the uses and abuses

of solar plexus manifestations

confidently stating,

“…next is the Nexus! quickly!

let’s commence with the quickening!”

Their Souls feel so old

not unalike but definitely different…

as in complimentary colors

that are aflame…

defying gravity too!

to redefine-tune it…


as if


projects the blue


royal most oxidized and truly full of

be a u ty…




in the most


to try and inherit Her

monatomic heat…

She moans

surprised at His warmth

but continues blazing




They craft Love

like shadows of

heavenly bodices

amidst winter

lunar eclipses

climaxing rainstorms

until the recycling of

celestial solstices…

as the Oracles at Delphi

They characterize an epic…

ultimately written

under the aegis of a Verse

intimately poetical…

They hypothesize

no Ones

are contained by any

verses that are uni-


They prophesy the




They find O hidden in plain sight

betwixt the G and D in

every individual per sun…

They invent single-word contradictions

such as :Youme (yu-mee)

after all, They substantiate,


adopting non-monotonic logic

They deduce the

Least Common Nomenclature of Life

by means of a quasi-mathematical

neo-classical equation :






– (GR)


The Answer!

Imagination is Their only discipline!


They cackle at fractals so

They laugh in all ways!

They imbibe Phi formulae by the vial!

They eat Pi alchemized by Gnostic artisans!

They see time as day or night

not the clock

(maybe a Sundial)!

They observe the Law of 13

13 Densities

13 Moons

13 Signs, Zodiacal!

13 more plethoras of etceteras…

They saga from the Hollows

of the Nine Underworlds

to the Netherrealms!

They are respected by every Terrestrial–

intra and extra!

They conspire

The Beginning of the World!

The Goddesses’ Rebellion!


Gaia and Sophia consecrate Their

revolutions during the duration of

Ishtar‘s equinoctial dedication…

whilst They are anointed with

each Other’s

juicinesses and loves flowing


Morning Star gleams glowing

enunciating the gloaming

of Their Idols’ twilight

as immaculately Venusian

as Mother Lucifera‘s

true form…



His eyes


with a stare of virgin lust

but impeccancy, simultaneous…

She covets thy beloved like

Tarot’s Strength does the beast…

Her Wise Woman is enlivened

and She is initiated into

Lilith‘s Ordo Strigiformes

Novus Seclorum!”

in Romantic linguistics

–They spake thus–

“We trust that no Will is free,

though some Wills are strong

and some Wills are meek…

Alas, We will will Our Wills to peak

through speech…

as is Light, ’tis done!


upon the spell cast

unto newness

They are thrust…


She chooses to be known as

Hannaharrah La Luz

while He chooses

His own usage

of the moniker


when the Two were as One

Themself became greater!

more than Hermes


no phobias…

though many a philia…

He closes His open


as a mitzvah

enwrapped by Her


sultry-quartz-like hands…

She presses Her

aurora-australis-aura upon Him

as They become that flame again

crying laughter that excites

the azure firmament

like a HAARP to the ionosphere

or higher echelon…

learned from Shipibo-Conibo

tribesman chanting icaros

They pattern four-dimensional-kaliedoscopic

Escherine tessellations!!!


having awoken within another



(save for thunderbolts

and thunderstrokes)

from atop Her mountainous elemental



She flails into a fairy

winking with wolffox-moth wings

twinkling quicksilver stardust !

Her shofar antennae

sense an instant

instinctively harmonizing Her

tantric eruptions

with the peak’s

plasma-exploding-magma-ejaculate !


hundreds of miles across

the interconnecting ley lines of Dreamtime

at an assemblage point upon a plateau…

His Kulthanlilni bursts violently awesome!

a colossal-crown-chakra-lotus

ultra-violet blossom!!!


dimethyltryptamine induced

deoxyribonucleic acid

unspiraling double-helices

before Him

as a ladder comprised of two snakes —

the left black

the right white–

the rungs, malleable

like mercurial Light

(whence Moon ensues

to occult Sun in Ophiuchus)

He elevates levitation…

a Kybalion-Man-Caduceus imploring

the wind against outstretched wings winding

beyond His Great Pyramid


traversing goddesspeeds

true words truthward toward Ma’at

the Sephira Tiphereth merged

united as One with Da’at

no more Malkuth

this is the Tree of Truth–

the Tree of Life pre-fall…

… Xarathustra continued easterly

to His Trinity…

He smiles

Sirius …”


that He is a Sirian…


when the third dimension dissipates…

faded in anotherside, She awaits…

We slip within dimension five

its limitlessnesses in minds…

then, Us Two in unison…

thank Youme, again…

our new reunion…

never the…


Hannahara la Luz

As An Arrow From A Sun

… no similar simile

better for a metaphor

set within a question:

Isn’t She The Envy Of The Dark Rift?



enter Her Milky Way

into intergalactic center!

… certain to be gifted

Her Earthling soul

alight to the marrow


behold Her Goal

for She occults

the most golden of pharaohs!

Her semiotic life

beamed before Her

symbolic, tarot-like

and She perceived the systems…

so many systems to Her, seemed malicious…

here was fear and pain…

in the instance of the

Sphere of Destiny

She persisted Her freedom in vain…

no danger

She mapped

the aether, luminiferous

then enwrapped it in Indra’s Net…

Her mental projections were alchemic

sidereal signs of protection…

no fool to the subjects arcane

Her school was not of old

but aboriginal…

the Ancients taught Her in poems

and vibrant silence

and in music that was visceral…

inundated with visuals

inventing event horizons

on an impulse

belaying the order of genesis

She was become witness to this…


Her pulses pounded pulsars…

She sat over supernovas


understanding creation…

from oblivion, the soft beginning

of the holiest of moments…

from The Dearth came



“Explosion of Pain

Under Left


Last Lost Breath

Disperse the Verses

Birth Violet Rays


Inside Placenta


I Envive Womb

Am I

Wombed Wound?

A Fetus

A Host for

A Parasitic Vessel…

Does the Soul

Feed Upon the Body?”





High Priestess


the Empress caressed Her…

impressed Her blessings

breath to breath…

breasts to breasts…





“I Laugh in Darkness

Yet Know the Light

With an Experience



Love is an Abstraction.”

She left realism

let fly

“Fuck nihilism!”

She cried

flew right

for once, with a reason…

Her representation of death

had lain Sun to rest

to Her left…

the full, blue iris

was Moon, risen


the moody face of Sky


into a smile…

La Luz moved

gracefully guided

gliding smoothly

sighing to Herself

“…stay still…”

the looming commenced

hence, the negative night…

quietly, afar

eyesight zooming in

on black stars

oddly sparking and sparkling


constellations for constantly

magnificent for marveling…

“What wondrousness is this?!”


She had gnosis to know…

in the bloom of epiphany’s glow

Her acoustics knew this–

Luz spoke:

” The malevolent are most

in this universe

and the benevolent


Evil dues…

Majority rules…

All so Good would

be unique!

Everyone is Good and even Evil!

This is the bleak future.

If it is Life that One seeks

Then Free is done!

Whomsoever alive

is not captive to Time?

And When Does Time Transcend?

I am Daughter to Creation Itself!

I Am Encoded By the Very Matrix!

Yet I Shall Die and Live Forever!

That is the Cold of My Aloneness!

None in this One verse

transpire outside

the Law of Cycles!”

She would rhyme science

“There are physics to my dreams

nothing is what it seems.”


The Laws of Dreams

scene change:

now seeing translucent beings

manning a spacecraft

made of neurons

transmitting a blue beam

laying Her lowly as if

submerged in dirt wholly…

probing Her pressure points

and playing with Her organs…

forgo the energy orgone

… but finally…

an alien

was kind to Her…

He was an Elder…

with pore-less

porcelain skin

no hair

beneath the folds

of His silver robes

He was exposed naked …

aquamarine-eyed and bright

His lithe, humane features

invited Her solace…

Their stare

imparted a blueprint

downloading in Luz’s head…


She learned the technology

connected to the Magi

then emblazoned sigils

with the rose quartz She kept

laced neck

it protected Her…

but blood-shot glares

impaired her vision quests…

… tearing Her form to pieces

Her beating heart

was instituted in peace

by shamans of the dark arts…

the shit She would spit

“…We are Warriors…

but what are we at war with?

We’re at war with more than the world

we are at war with Bullshit!

Bullshit like this poem is!

Bullshit like everything I thought was True

Bullshit like anything requiring belief

I believe I will

abandon all

Faith and hope!”

She soared

imploring orators

for more stories…

… glorious jaguar-men smoking pipes

told of tails stolen from snakes!

tales of battles from

whence whole souls

were at stake!

a Shamaness child

sang Her an icaro

about a life beyond the flesh

in a voice that wasn’t terrestrial…

Naharrah conjured up an anaconda

that was contoured to Her own womb

She was pregnant for an instant

then the serpent emerged

from Her opening birthed

as an archetype of Truth…

in Her dreamstate

She passaged through

gate after gate

amassing great sageness

amidst the scouts…

entities, dynamic but inorganic

existed within the curvatures

of the vesica piscis…

She survived the seven-dimensional

hive’s energy-draining globes…


“Is …

it all…


La queried

only trusting in not-to-trust…

thus, this was Her adjustment…

“God is Full of Judgment!

An Embodied Moral Code

God is Selfish

So am I

As Aboveth

So Beloweth.”

now realms as real as home

were compelling Her


She undertook the deepest

unknown sites lost

to the abyss of Sea’s deepness…

She laughed at the Atlantic

metropolises of past 

passing power-station-pyramids

of crystal glass at last…

She listened how melodiousness repositioned

Her point of assemblage and attention…

In Her own televisions

She watched a show:

The Cosmos’ Spirals …

an old world coral snake

wound around an unending double-helix

of informational molecules…

ebbing in delta waves of sleep

She realized a sound…

cymatics and math in matrimony

created form from mating… 

She hushed to watch:

The Lust Of The Photons

… sacred geometries shaped

around Her busting protons…

burning surges were purging Her…

She was seizing

into something seething with color…

“I Can Hear it Now

The Sound of Death




The Music


The Holonomics of the Spheres

The Symphony of the Trees

Forests that Breeze Eerie…

Lullabies of Ushered Lies.”



Her aura reeling

the chromatic chorus in reverie

receiving aural

from flora

kneeling before Her…

… now She is the source

of aurora borealis

in closer to envisage


when She encloses

both of her eyelids…

when hues imbued Her with light licks

Her lashes interlocked…

She ruminated over the

sentient hominoids

incandescing Her very thoughts…

Her discernment:

“The mental state

of the slave

is the villain

to Existence.

Not Greys!

Not Reptilians!

We enslave ourselves

or we allow others to enslave us!”

There’s no such thing as freedom

except to the All.

The Tree of Wisdom told me

there was never any Fall.”

“There are only two true Masters–

You and You Know Who.

But We are ever the minions

of Fate

One in the Same.

Being of the present–

My gift and My strife.

The Law of Change is raw

evolution happens in spikes!

… It is Time

so I know

I am Death

or shall I Thrive?”

succumbing to DNA activation numbing

drumming heart beat palpitations

humming throat chakra:

Vishuddha to Ajna to




She would scream

“The Laws of the Universe

depend on me!

I will Will!

I will wield

my creativity

enlivening my fractal spirit

interconnection to the Imaginatrix!”

“I Am I Am Not

emerge as symbiotic.”

no sooner

had She spoken

when change was evoked then…

awake in the World

aware of forces beyond the rest


Her path of Sorceress

hath begun…

Luz. La. Hannaharrah…

Her name meant:

the enlightenment of

the New, Red Star…

“The World is not coming to an end…

… We are."


01 Birth


no things

no thingness

nothing less than something that is not

only the beginning of only




lo and behold




whomsoever should know Its dearth?

whomsoever remembers His birth?

whomsoever remembers Her?


what would be the will of nil?

what could possibly be the will?

of the unwilling?


double negative...

is not, nothing, something?


many things?

at least one thing?

as a strum

Zero rings sure

strings theorems

sings lullabies in darkness


even the void is conscious

It's lowliest

loneliness becoming

It's only notion worth living

and in death it would create giving

make two so those ones would never know

humming, strumming to themselves

It made Its slow motion



unto Itself










bo / Om


kick drum

heart beat box!

in tense soon


who was bigger than bang sang anew

a new tune that grew from sound to sight

and that sight was violet, deep

violent but 

full of peace

It was the teacher of Aether

It was the initiation of Light


and all that mattered

all that was matter

sprang forth 

in a third of the 

first light second scattered



was no longer


sacrifice for something more - -

two things less

sum greater than Its parts

It dissipated a mist amidst

emerging myths

and It became Is

forever to be missed

but now there were two

two as in me and you

two as in red and blue

two as in 

ten as in 

one and 0

as in binary code

two as in the poles

of spectrums magnetic 


if She was black then

he was white

and She like no

it was love at first sight

and She, Her name was Aether

He knew his name was Light

neither knew how either knew

but Light and Aether 

knew their names to be Truth

if She was chaos

he was order

they were thee

aboriginal lovers

but they did not know

they were sister and brother

for Is was their father

and Is was their mother

02 Religion


Aether was closer to Is

Aether was closer to Is because She was dark

dark is a law

dark subsides most Universes

Light must be intentional

Light must be sparse.

sparse like spark of your first

heartbeat starting to beat

because She was dark

She represented gratitude

gratitude for Life

grateful for Light

Light was made envious

Jealous even

jealous to the photon of

forsaking His lover to stake

his own claim in His name

thus Light became spiteful

and Aether let Light have his spite

when the two moved together in unison of dark Aether and white Light


there was day

there was night

there was good and even evil

and Aether and Light

had no realizations

of any prequel

They both began to lose memory of Is

of It

duality became reality

birth Earth


another creation


the makers of the matrix

take this sentience to

feeble creatures

feeble creatures

to slave away

to praise away their days

take innocence

in a sense

guilty of believing

belief became misleading

faith became slaves

making wages to

bury our own graves

forgot that nexus

that connection to plexus

forgot center

individuals across the vastness

lost the All

forgot how to stop

just stop





become unto love

love of



love of control

love of lust of love

sun to black hole

suck souls

success to the blessed

cursed for the worse

ones not knowing ones worth




what hope is this?

being guided?

guided by hands unseen

guided by hands unseen

for undreamed of reasons

reasons not worthily deemed




persons pristine crystalline prisms

and within pristine crystalline prisms shine Light

Light… both divine and profane

sacred and sacrilege

gnosis is what is the saying

some used Light darkly

some mastered the might of Light

most didn't know to fight

let alone

how to use Light

the most

who didn't know to fight

or how to use light

were used

abused to the floor

fore head bruises

third eye tissues

misuse authority

false glory


false stories

more than one can take

gods forsaking

gods from skies

with no explanation

the nine wise ascended masters of light

disguised truest Truths

lest those truths be used to be obtrusive

confusing the most

the bottom of the pyramids

the myriad of masses

the last of the captives

the suppressed



fake saints

banks for spirits

banks for souls

banks for gold

no alchemy

no electrum

no science

just religion

just give them what they are given

myths that have been miswritten


the point missed

the whole point missed

the point that is

the center

the point that is the is

that point that is it

the originator

real religion

the point


fuck sky gods

with the power of the stars

when religion

is solely within



and then god was dead

age of reason

left side of the head

left right

left insight

begin outsight

hence the age Light

yet seeing only a fraction of His full spectrum

gold but no electrum

no alchemy

just chemistry

just astronomy

no astrology

only physics

even if physics is metaphysical

even if Einstein is a god

and Tesla is heretical


new religion



smarter faster religion

c squared religion



just new tools used to abuse yous fools

new tools used to abuse yous fools

for greed


the masters of dark light used science indeed

use science to their gain

hence the fall of Her


And Earth


Prevail evil

Fail for ether


Numbers and math

turned to money

wonders become facts

corrupted from the honey

of the truth


create need

fill it

but the filling is only fake

planned to become obsolete


there exists within the bleak a true science

real laws



free energy

real disciplines


true truths



eventually the gods of science will die


eventually the gods of science will die

as the sure as the gods of religion were killed by Us

revolt is just in our blood

eventually we will kill the old gods of science


and past evolution

past the speed of fast

passed energy equaling

a mass moving in space

past matter

past even Light himself

lying in wait

lying in peaceful meditation

lying in peaceful meditation

is Aether

She will speak to you if you seek Her

She will teach to you the truths

the truths of real science


no real answers only observation








science of the mind




try it



Aether and Light

reunite in a phantasm

supernova nebulae

Their irises dilate

Their pupils endless chasms


on the other side of four black holes

life was thriving best of both



are Your theory’s sheer strings mere breezes?

are Your particle’s physics Our diseases –

just a derivative of what metaphysics is?


is dark matter innocent –

just Us choosing Our ignorance?

‘tis this actually a matter more prolific?



are there stronger forces than weak

nuclear or magnetical?

das Vril?

do You really think

there is such a thing

as science fiction?


does it matter either

part or form of Ether?

is there a Fact of Everything?


how are humyn’s being’s machines?


how is triune consciousness similar to laser 

light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation –

but projects around like spherical compression of sound?


what does Your gut’s instinctual desiring heart’s mindfulness

have anything to do with the



from whence dimension

persists your seventh sense of humor

and how would Your photons not have feelings?


is there a mension? just a mension?

or did i say it just to mention it?


how is space, deep

The Oceanine ?


what energies, orgone

are amplified by stimulated

ejaculation (emission)

of thoughtswaves (radiation)?

(wo manifestation!)

(wo destruction)

(wo creation)


are thoughtswaves waves that wave in ways

that sway ripples unto tides ripping to wake

breaking and crashing splashing momentously

into mist anointing The Point (that is The Plenum)

amidst a grain of salt upon a granule of sand?


whom can understand an atom

fraction of The Fractal

as a pure and simple Uni

within the grand

Infiniversal beach ?


what would happen if We each

were to envisage Our own



and what of the realms of dreams?

(my oneironauts!)

what exactly are the physics of Dreamtime?

and who is Thee Aboriginal?


are We lucid when not asleep?


doesn’t the matrix mean: womb?

or will we suffer the curse of the Holoverse

unless the Digiverse is worse i.e.


of ghosts inside of robots succumbing to destiny

ordained by fate?


in what ways is The All only numbers

codes binary or

may haps trinary?

(-1 0 1)


was mathematics supposed to have been symmetrical?


are We just cynical and linear

or is time only cyclic?



how would You begin

thinking of speaking to the


The Dearth?



is even nothingness sensitive?




what new Verses have You created lately?


ah! the question IS the answer O the quest is the end!?


…Chaos and Order:

the Aboriginal Lovers…

They’ve been separated so long

soon, again with each Other…







feel this

the Realist


from within this stillness

arose truth

from within this stillness

true truth arose

slow motion

a bud unfurling to hold

dawn and dew in new billowing

sheets of crimson velvet

within this stillness did Aether and Light

enwrap themselves within the sheer

smell of it


witihin this stillness was


just stop

eye contact


and Light spoke a poem to Aether:

he said:


a muse sing

amusing amuse me/

a Muse meant to sooth me/

She moves silence

like music communes

with vibrance/

auras color mists/

fire works amidst 

echelons higher than this

aurora australis/

inside of my eye’s lids



nine ten eleven/

wo! manifestations

You tell me telepathy/


my seven senses sense You/

synchronously easier/

Ms. Muse excuse me please 

i will never again misuse You!

veritably the terrible

Truth to beautiful future!

would You choose me 

or abuse me if You will/

give me Your fucking worst 

so that i feel

it is Your best/

Muse, i assure You

my masochism

knows bounds, no/

and You must be sadistic 

that You would whip me into shape/

… and i why ?

wise lied like white

Your Lucifer unified the dearth

& made Light on Earth lucid…

continue into zoom/

New Luna arisen/

from dark sides of blue moons

ionospheres through prisms/

“Hear it?” /

You say clearly without speaking/

“Do you hear all the spirits

of the solar systems twinkling?”

i couldn’t even answer/

the question WAS the answer

as the quest is the end…

multi-faceted and many-hued/

Your gift is a jewel:

& i will gno Gnosis is/

“…very certain proportions…”


the whirls that vibrate

Your poetry unto creation

will be my vocal chords

in resonance with Yours/

i shall be Your static

You instill dynamic unfolding/

the very fractal fabric/

You are She

that i seek 

to be with in my dreams!

on wayward warriors

of words You learn me

all ways always where war

is cold world //

i am in Your Warm

THERE! body


blessings and lessons

electromagnetic spark!

i trust You like i trust my very heart

to beat /

i trust You like a covenant

my heart is Your arc /

i trust You like i trust to breathe

never forgetting the breaths between

i inhaled then sighed relief

when You held me…


“Tomorrow already came.

All time is the same.

As a sphere you will gno.

The line is left behind.”



but She communicates through

space that occupies dimension

Her immensity

is dense cause

She belongs to the


chaos chose me a symmetry //

asymmetry and order/

now i understand/

to oversit LOVE/

Lust Of Very Energy!

enter me Her powerful force/

in touch with the source/

You will teach the feats/

You will be THEE She

that is alive in me!

i will emblazon

event horizons!

i will vivify dead forms to rise

albeit wizened/

i am the Muse’s movie:

the Muse splayed cosmic rays

sprayed juicy so with great fulness

i gulped of Her sweet 

oh so profusely…

You sink into song singing

cosmos’ microcosms/


“Thank You

Is above even Love.”




now initiating deoxyribonucleic acid activation 

by proxy astral body travelling ejaculation


coming face to face illumination



circle cycling clockwise

encounter ratios phi dividing pi spiraling wide

the toroid shapes encasing the very reverberations

resonance in crowns unfurling helices as lotus blossoms

impossible is awe inspiring achieved with no belief



alive a life through pride and strife through spite

might might master the will to wield your spear of destiny

blessed be

blessings lest it be lessons connect with nexuses



as we take the rhyme

to our  minds

when we find

the right one

the eye is our sign

blind magic

subtract the





free at last

we lasted

to laugh at

the tragic

if  happened

it had to have been

surpass it


This is speaking to the completely

subjective experience:


the objective laws of life and nature throughout the cosmos–

chaos, change, vibration,

duality, nothing, fractal form and balance

this is the epiphanic inundation of what Wisdom is to the Universe

through words, rhythm, rhyme, reason

and what Truth is to the You/ niverse.

This is the linguistic communication of the divine mathematics infusing the space-time continuum altering the brain waves, heart beats, and gut feelings of individuals .

this is a burning of manifestations to ether. let the smoke dissipate and furl unto itself revealing the hidden densities. being given destinies acceptance of fate never negating creation. why would utter contradiction be the only way in which to reach the echelon of Truth? when the Way is realized black and white fade to a shade of chaos grey. behold the S in the middle and around yin and yang. the dance betwixt synergy… this is my free energy to Yours and You. this is to World Anew… when i speak to hopelessness know that this is exactly what proves Our overcomance comeuppance… Gnosis. hope is helpless… help is selfless… at last we are faced with all we have left. Creativity. and you possibly thought love would save Us!? do You enliven horizons beyond the ionosphere!?


cum speak on frequencies hidden seek /peep/ creep to another dimension to sleep with forbidden instruments implementing incisions in which luminous beams enliven lightning striking heightening senses senseless tenses past now presenting the future of uberfolk at last/ gasp/ my goddess you shine but not like sight like mind imagination the sensation is elation relating not relationship spaceships fading away the placement of densities intensities commence the beams unseen but achieved through dream


now initiating deoxyribonucleic acid activation 

by proxy astral body travelling ejaculation meditation

coming face to face illumination



circle cycling clockwise

encounter ratios phi dividing pi spiraling wide

the toroid shapes encasing the very reverberations

resonance in crowns unfurling helices as lotus blossoms

impossible is awe inspiring achieved with no belief



alive a life through pride and strife through spite

might might master the will to wield your spear of destiny

blessed be

blessings lest it be lessons connect with nexuses

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