Time and a Place and a Way


In 2011, HXNNXBLE embarked on a pilgrimage to the ancient Mayan ruins.  Upon getting ripped off on a video camera, they made art using what they had, a janky camcorder, because there's a Time and a Place and a Way!

El Tejedor del Tiempo by Remedios Varo 


There’s a time and a place and a way

And a way/ and a way 3x



Truth disguised within the times/ open your eyes/ your real eye

Systems cast there prisons/ slaves and minions/ inherited privilege

The poor are born/ a double-edged sword/ lord we’re torn/ so forlorn

Been living in a world that’s so confusing

Hoping and praying that I’m not going to lose it

Swallow my pride just to rage inside

Knowing one day we’ll make it in time

Fuck you/ don’t tell me what to do

Who’s the fool/ who’s playing by the rules

Get a job/ to sacrifice the truth

Enslave the souls from the passions of their youth

Yo bookworming nerd got to learn to just say it

When to say it/ where to say it/how to say it/ what you sayin?

What I am saying is genius is meaningless

Money is scheming us/ know what my meaning is?


(Chorus 3x)



We know you a slave to your wage

We know you aint got time to play

Even though all the world’s a stage

There’s a time and a place and a way

Even in these end times cray (zy)

And all we want to do is be lay (zy)

Even when clarity is looking hella hay (zy)

There’s a time and a place and way/ see

Follow us/ not too close/ one two/ uno dos

We taking your cups/ filling them up

You swallow ‘em down/ reversing your frown

Keeping your space/ freeing your face

Falling to grace

What the junk/ get the funk

Up right now/ you know how

Move to the beat/ on your feet

Groove to the sweet sound so smooth

Dancing the blues/ singing the news

Answer the truth and don’t lie

Your art is the meaning of your life

Follow your heart gut and mind


(Chorus Outro)