'I teach you the overman: man is something that shall be overcome.  What have you done to overcome him?'

- Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None

"The Seven Creative Principles" by Hiram E. Butler


Seventh ray from the sun/ shunned race of awakened ones

Mastering/ uplifting gravity/ transmuting attuning batteries

Refuting the slave mentality/ rebooting the matrix reality

Can’t help but feel like I’m gonna lose it/ actually

Hung nooses/ set loose this verse/ luminous truce

Oof/ truth hurts/ spruce rhymes to transcribe the vibes of nines

Hereby rebuking/ this ancient time looping

The emptiness is thick/ that’s why I’m here to spit

Sweet honey like a busy bee/ so lick my creativity

Sometimes I fear that we the only ones, hun

So lonely it seems when we drifting through dreams

What’s it all mean when we seem to be the losers

Believing in a past that never made it to the future 

Dark rings/ sheer spirit enlaced graced to strumming heart strings

Unpack the soul imagine/ imaging the magic

As fantastic as a flashback of acid

Grasp it don’t delay lest your dreams decay, k?

Dreams are better when you never let them slip away

So set your psyche straight/ just let the cycle play

Alchemize the hate/ it’s intrinsic to create

Just another day say the losers of dismay

Fate is what you make it/ here let me demonstrate it



Layers beyond Intergalactica/ stars fantastical

Dimensional time warped space your face is mutated

This planet is a plantation create/ medifestate/ wait

Better to credit the All instead of for just the One

So let go/ embedded is soul/ spirit is gold Hear it/ no DO/ fear it never though do grow through Accept neglect/ forever say ever/ let it affect

I’m’a say respect/ Namaste/ I genuflect

But there’s evil in the Aether asleep

Beautiful sheeple its deep/ who would believe it the grim

Has come to reap you deplete/ the population

To save your corporations/ fuck your

Novus Ordo Seclorum I’m stopping the occupation/ Dr. Jung’s doppelganger Psychological state/ now initiating the process of individuation

The awakening hitherto undreamed of commenceth

Hence it’s spring time soon the noontide of the




You will be what you will to be/ I will be what I will to be

You will see what you will to see/ I will see what I will to see

We will be what we will to be

We will see what we will to see

Fleeting the feeling of entropy

How are we more than infinity