"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." - Carl Gustav Jung

 Madonna Oriflamma, Banner of Peace by Nicholas Roerich


Peace be everywhere/ everyone’s everything

Every time/ every heart/ every spark/ never mind (2x)



May there be peace/ on the world and on the water

Inside of fire in the air and in the sky farther

And in the center of the sun and on the moon feel it

Sense it in the body in the mind and in the spirit



Take a piece of your mind to make it mine

I Implore your peace to more like war is love

What in the world as above is so below

So much to explore/ so much to behold yo

Wo and what the fuck is peace anyway

Any day now it should happen to us in many ways but

What does it mean to teach without preaching

Humor me are we too human, all too human Nietzsche

The enslaved feel that we/ should turn the other cheek

But enough of that/ we the ones to level up our peace

So fuck that shit we’ll even level up our beasts

Level up above/ past even love yo (ouu)

And how is peace transcending

The question is the answer oh the quest is the ending

Uh/ and peace and white, aight

Left aint black and light aint right

To infinity and even odd beyond good and evil

Individuating fellow People of the Aether

Yo the shit looks so golden starkly when it’s floating

Through the scope of all your hopes and

Dreams/ take that gold enwrapped in dark

And breathe it in deep through your blood beat ark, peace


(Chorus 2x)





Face it/ peace sounds so good but I just can’t taste it

Hashtag this/ hashtag that/ and still nothing passes

Opaque words of hate used to segregate the masses

So what is the reason/ the reason I’ve been dreaming

I dream to bring so meaning to the being

Self-create your greatness

Regardless of what your race, gender, or faith is

Relate to collaborate/ creative mind states

Bend the time’s prodigies/ today’s anomalies

Modern day hip hop philosophies: Socrates

Make you believe to foresee that anything is: possibly

Deceit is a noble lie/ Plato can tell you why

Break that glass dome collide/ how do you know you’re alive

Truth is deep inside/ sacrifice your pride

Stellar to molecular yo everything’s irregular

Golden auroras drip gooey honey comb nebulas

Crystalline hues illuminate your very cellular

So think before you speak/ learn from what you teach

Practice what you preach/ peace is what we seek

Shhhh/ silence what you need

Then you’ll learn to see/ what is the reason


(Chorus 4x)