Ancient poetry began with an invocation to the muse...

Is poetry dead? 

Have we killed her?  

The Lovers' Whirlwind by William Blake


Amusing amuse me/ a muse meant to use me

Move me like a movie/ my muse sick so moody

Auras color mists or/ fireworks amidst echelons higher than this

(au) Rora borealis inside of my eye’s lids/ four five six seven eight

Nine ten eleven great heavens await/ meditation

We more creating recreation/ dangerous flavour

Slave to savour my saviour’s behaviour

You tell me telepathy synaesthesia/ several senses

Sense8 Synchronously easier/ excuse me please

I’ll never misuse ya

Veritably the terrible Truth to beautiful future

Abuse me it’s cool/ I am your drooling foolish tool

Gimme it all then gimme the rest

Then gimme your worst then gimme ya best

Trusting in you like the beat in my chest

Trusting in you like I breathe in my breath

You are the covenant/ my heart is your arc

Spark stark but markedly/ darkly your artistry

“Follow me”/ and in hell she held me

Then we played a game she named “Pray Tell Me”

And we consumed the Doom

Unified Dearth to make light on Earth lucid

Continue into zoom/ new Luna arisen

Through the hemisphere/ pierce pyramids and prisms

And a myriad of prisons/ “Hear it?” She says clearly/ even without speaking

“Do you hear all the spirits of the whole system twinkling?”

I couldn’t even answer/ the question was the answer

As the quest is the end/ as the quest is the end



Shake up the ways that you wake up

Break up the fake that you make up

Quake up the ache that you spake of

Love is nothing to be ashamed of 3x



Amuse me/ A shadow of a memory

A thought form/ a fragment of the unborn

A rush/a gush of adrenaline/

DNA unspiraling/brain waves igniting and inside I'm fighting it

Stop/ Breathe/ Alchemize/ Synchronize

Blast off/ Jack off/ Orgasmic

Forgo the tragic/ Dealing with black magic

Plastic hollow like the shadows of a match lit.

Flicker/ Grow/ Glow/ Indigo

Then you'll know/ It is truth/ It is true/ God is you

Break/ your mind states

Let the soul gravitate/infiltrate/ resonate

Reawake the fate of a half-baked mate

Predate the thirst/ from sunshine she burst birth/ a poet's first word

Recompose the tune

Sound of the womb

Imagining/ Fathoming/ Cosmic wind/ Death within

Soggy roots/ Omit truths

Cosmos fuse/ Nebula hues

Radiant blues/ Spanish Luz

Immaculate views/ Ejaculate ooooo’s