In Lakesh


Inspired by Mayan and Taoist philosophy, this song is a magical incantation.


"Success is as dangerous as failure.  Hope is as hollow as fear." - Tao Te Ching, Verse 13

The Mayan calendar in correlation with the I-Ching and the DNA Codon Wheel


Abandon all hope faith and trust

What isn’t love

Who isn’t us

How aren’t we doing/ what we supposed to be doing

Abandon all hope faith and trust (2x)


Nothing is/ nothing was/ nothing not/ not becomes

I am/ utter the words

Sputtering muttering seldom we heard

Yearning to learn/ but knowing that growing will burn

But that is not true/ not without you

It’s not about hate/ not about race

Your god or your faith/ wait It’s not a debate/ it’s what you create

Slip into the crevices

Smoking gooey nebulas

Dimensional premise/ original genesis

Venomous menacing nemesis/ eminence

Stressed on my sentences/

Truth The prophets are few/ so let’s see it through



In Lakesh/ A Lah Kesh/ Hunab Ku/

I am You/You are Me/ We are Free/ Together we the Galaxy (2x)

Together we the Galaxy (4x)

(Chorus 2x)



This is to all of the beautiful futurists

Dualistic kung fuing pugilist humanists

Movers and shakers and humorist super kids

Fewer and fewer but newer than newness is

Refusing to stoop and then lose the stupid-ness

Reveling rebelling red revolutionists

who Live by our breath and won’t die on no crucifix

This is to all of the beautiful futurists

Fucks with lust for life/ spite the night of the soul

Delight in your art/ this is the goal

Bet when you do you will glow in the dark

Bet when you do you will know your own gold

Bet when you do you will make your own mark

Peep deep inside/ the aether we spark

In all of your heart and your gut and your mind

Even before we can finish the (rhyme)