Gold Truth


Set within a surrealist dreamscape, Gold Truth embraces the philosophy of kintsugi, illuminating imperfections by mending the broken with gold.

Lord Vishnu and the Hiranyagrabha


Fractals danced in fright of the white magnificent 

Luminous so dense no matter could coexist 2x



What are you saying/ these things you’re conveying

Riddled lies that denies my spiritual being

Been feeling so suppressed/ little box in my chest

Remember: you just got to breathe (in)



(In)credibly eloquent/ steadily bettering/

Elevating elements to celebrate the very sediment

Evidently meddle antithetical

From the seventh heavens of the

Seraphim Unto and through the devilish

We up levelling/ settle for lessons never selling ‘em

Go ‘head and relish in it

Only embellishing GOLD TRUTH

Old youth told you medicine/ for your chicken soul soup




We told you the…

Gold Truth/ is being undertaken

Setting free enslavements of the sacred

Alchemizing life the equation

Now People of the Aether reawaken 2x



Who/ who/ who are you

What you gonna do/ do da do da do

It’s almost over/ just let me hold ya

Breakdowns occur like the first rift the drifted

Split/ spring/ making atoms want to sing

It’s all make believe wake up/ you’re a dream

Crystals whisper/ they miss you wistful

The few whom knew that/ the moon glew blissed you

Blessed you/ caressed you undressed you/ question?

Did you learn the lesson?



Look up in the sky/ wake up in your mind

Almost out of time/ freak out then you die

Subversions rule/ the cycles of man

But everything is going/ according to the plan

Just be patient/ we gonna make it

Chaos ruled the universe/ but we will recreate it


(Chorus 2x)


We told you gold truth (repeat)