936 Sick Shit


“If you only knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, then you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

"The Coming Race" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Lesmus got the beats/ you dream of in your sleep


We da Hannah and da Noble/ vanilla and da coco

Da Aether and da Gold wo/ yo/ somos locos

Put you in a choke hold HXNNXBLE bust yo ass what!

Shut the fuck down/ go level up

Create your own character/ this aint America

Visualize the wise/ we dat 936 sick shit

Prophets of orators spit language like sign

It’s hard to be a warrior all the time 

Creativity is the goal/ inspire the soul

We know it’s so lonely feeling like you the only

we comrades in battle so saddle up

We here to rattle up a few of the cattle

Bombarded with engagements/ resentment/ hatred

Who made up all the rules/ gonna do what we choose

Simulation theory/ has got me/ leery

High level tripping me/ dimethyltryptamine


We da HXNNXH and da NOBLE/ vanilla and da coco

Da aether and da gold wo/ yo somos loco—s

Lesmus got the beats/ you dream of in your sleep


Yo fuck a Bonnie and a Clyde/ we even more wild why

Hxnnxble won’t you listen moon and sun is on a mission

All we need is imagination in this fantastic world

Fuck incredible/ I’m Mr. Elastigirl’s ass wo (THICC)

We super full of wonder feel the quake of earth asunder

Then closely stop and watch me da ant and she da wasp

Truths golden she said “it’s almost over just let me hold ya”

Now know I fucking told ya/ I’m the Gambit to her Rogue, ya

Oui Cherie/ mon ami/ se la vie/ l’mour destin

Comme Nino et Amelie

We da bat and da cat/ the ol’ ball and chain and da axe

All yall fucking pedos better watch ya fucking backs

Cloak and Dagger stab ya soul/ attack ya whole act up

Before you have a chance to subtract ya Instagrams (wait)




Only for your discernment/ we fly like past the firmament

Free ya gut instinct’s internment/ even if purging is burning it

This globe’s a giant lie/ so fuck all ya psyops

Enter Emma Frost and Cyclops/ yall tear up/ ehem, eye drops

Didn’t mean to perplex yas we dare devils and Elektras

Can’t see the rabble we selective/ waste time on no election

We yearn to earn a higher score/ learning to use the force

Like Reylo feeling the Source we stay the course of course

Wait/ use the force like for real?

No you fucking dorks we use the force like it was VRIL, bub

If I’m Wolverine she Grey like comma Jean

Meanwhile we in dreamtime like aborigines

Nihilism we rebuke

Jessica Jones me like Luke Cage gauge some answers she da storm and I’m the Panther

Get your fucking hands up/ cliché makes a great dance, huh?

It’s HXNNXBLE coming through/ so who da fuck is you?

(Chorus 1x)