1st Eye

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The pineal gland in correlation with the eye of Horus

Inspired by ayahuasca; a rebirth of consciousness.  Your third eye or, "1st eye," refers to the energy center between the brows.  When stimulated it may awaken heightened awareness  or enlightenment. 


Open first eye to the clearest of skies

Wise woman rhymes here to fuck with the times, chimes

Lyrical heart beats that pulsate your arteries

Armories bump pump the drum poetic prophecies hum, strum

Vibration’s infiltration/ peaceful meditation/ temptation’s aberration

Co-creators of a new revelation

Shaking the brains of hazy generation



Oh shit/ quick/ open it/ first eye/ hope in it

Close your lids/ don’t resist/ only this/ solely is

Holy soul/ hold the goal/ soul is aurum/ gold is awesome

Don’t forget/ don’t forget/ do not forget do not four

Three two one/ get it/ zero/ the fool/ you hero/ or a tool

But fear can be your friend/ with you to the end

But then again and again/ the truest sin is guilt

So do as thou wilt/ love under your will/ love under your will

That will be the whole of the law you will instill



Amidst those who sleep lie devils who creep

Werewolves who eat cheap white coated sheep

Bleak futures it seems/ your hopes and your dreams

Worn torn in defeat from those lies that

They speak



You've been selling gold to the ignorant and ugly

Cash monies bloody/ per capita’s bunny

Picture this: a crippled fist/ an oozing cyst/ a hissing kiss

Remember this:

Gold’s just a metaphor it’s cellular



Well fuck sun/ in a world of destruction

Creativity is thee only thing left for we

See/ with your gut instinct/ think with your heart

Feel with your mind the hardest part is just to start

Filling you up with feeling/ killing you with spirit and meaning

Clearing you through hearing/ the reasons must be demons



So set your psyche straight/ just let the cycle play

Alchemize the hate/ it’s intrinsic to create

Just another day say the losers of dismay

Fate is what you make it/ here let me demonstrate it



The truth can not be bought

The truth can not be thought

But the truth is all we got

The truth can not be taught

The truth can not be bought

The truth can not be thought 

But the truth is all we got

The truth is all we got (4X)